These are our spaces.

We encourage our students and staff to come together and bring their ideas to life in our innovative spaces – many of which are actively engaged with industry and business partners.

Visualisation Suite and Services

Unleash Space


Newmarket Campus


Visualisation Suite

Research today is as much about the presentation as the substance, and it often takes skilled computer technicians to produce the high-quality data and visual renderings investors have come to expect.

Visualisation Service experts in the Centre for eResearch, located in the Faculty of Science, are on hand to help students generate high-quality research and present their findings in a way that holds greater impact.

A large visualisation data facility known as the Visualisation Suite, gives research students access to a full 4K tiled-wall display, 3D TV, 3D monitor, as well as AR and VR capabilities, to help bring their innovations and Masters or PhD research to life. Recent projects have included developing a 3D map depicting humpback whale migration, a VR molecule viewer and a neural network that was trained in facial recognition of the university’s entire staff directory.

Unleash Space

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s vibrant, collaborative space is designed to spark and develop the brilliant ideas of students from all faculties across the University of Auckland.

It’s a place to create, experiment and cross-pollinate. With everything from 3D printers, to laser cutters, sewing machines, routers and vacuum formers to build prototypes, lounges for brainstorming, and meeting rooms for big investor pitches, the Unleash Space is all about making great things happen. It is where students and staff come to ideate, work on their innovation projects, create what they can imagine in the maker space and launch their ventures.

The space also hosts regular events and programmes to inspire innovation, help students launch their ventures, and ensure they realise their potential.

The Unleash Space was founded in partnership between the Business School and the Faculty of Engineering.

Newmarket Campus

Newmarket Campus is located in a well-established business centre in close proximity to Auckland’s CBD. This is home to the Newmarket Innovation Precinct initiative which is a hub connecting the University’s world-class research capabilities with the wider community.

Newmarket hosts around 3000 pieces of specialist equipment and purpose built research and lab facilities and our experts work closely with businesses, industry and Government.

Some examples include:

The New Zealand Product Accelerator, a government-funded initiative that assists companies in product development and process, ultimately supporting New Zealand’s financial ecosystem by helping ideas and businesses grow.

Student using a virtual reality headset

Our Civil Structures Hall, home to one of Australasia’s largest earthquake testing facilities and University spin-out company, Tectonus, who are developing the next generation seismic technology.

Student using a virtual reality headset

The Centre for Automation and Robotic Engineering Science (CARES), developers of robotic technologies that improve societal wellbeing.

Student using a virtual reality headset

The Power Electronics Lab is where our world pioneers in wireless power transfer develop technologies to charge vehicles and smart devices.

Newmarket’s unique spaces inspire businesses and University experts to test and enhance their ideas. State-of-the-art labs are dedicated to a wide range of research areas, where businesses and entrepreneurs can collaborate with experts across a range of engineering and manufacturing disciplines.

Businesses can also locate near or potentially within the Newmarket Campus to enjoy the benefits of a vibrant community, as well as direct access to the University’s great minds and specialist equipment.

Contact the Newmarket Innovation Precinct Manager for more information.